Friday, February 27, 2009

Mimi and I have been doing a little for the local economy this week. We're heading over to Akumal for awhile on Sunday and the Brits have agreed to come and stay here and watch the pets. That was enough of an excuse for us to go out and finally buy a TV.

As they always say down here, if you see something you want, buy it, cuz it may not be there when you go back. Well, I flunked that one on the TV. I found one I thought I wanted a few weeks ago. But, I started researching it and reading reviews and trying to decide to just spend the money. When I went to actually buy it, it was gone. Fuckity Fuck! Back to square one.

This time, I did a quick search on a Sony they had at Costco and we went back and bought it. It came bundled with a BluRay/DVD player - whatever the hell BluRay is. I know, I've seen the words, skipped the articles, thought I'd have time later to figure it out. Well, I have one and let's hope it isn't the current version of Betamax.

A little 'only in Mexico' moment as we were leaving CostCo. The door guy asked if we wanted to checarlo before we left. For some reason this opening and checking the box before leaving the store irritates me. I understand and I do it but it bugs me. I huffed but got over it and let him cut open the box on our new TV. He showed us that the screen was not cracked, the remote and the connectors and the manuals were inside. Then he opened the DVD/BluRay box. Ah Ha!! He was vindicated! The remote was missing!

Not to worry, a minion was sent to retrieve another box. These were bundled with the TV so they were packed together. We waited a long time, finally they came with another box, the same model of player but I noticed 2 movies inside. Unfortunately, when I noticed them so did the security guy.

Oh No! The movies were not part of the bundle so they pulled them out. Now, I got a little stubborn and thought I should get those movies. We went back and forth and they explained that we were getting a player that was sold separately, not one of the bundled ones, and that only that one had the movies. I felt that we should get the movies for all the money we've spent there and because we'd been standing at the door for half an hour now while all this was fixed.

Back and forth, I was not winning this one. They played their trump card and said they would just put the remote from this new, unopened player with our now rejected perhaps damaged player and give us that. Ack! No! I now wanted that new, pristine, sold-separately, player with or without the 2 movies.

I too had a hole card. I spotted Julio the customer service guy who had helped me with the telephones I bought. He had let me go through the whole shtick of returning them and then finding out they actually did work - all of this in Spanish. At the end, he complimented my Spanish in perfect English! Sheez! I told him he had suffered through my Spanish when he spoke such excellent English and with all these compliments flying around we became new best friends.

I enlisted him in my cause. Then the security guy got irritated and they all got on the radio and the words were flying. Julio told me he was going to get his manager to let me have the movies and to just hold on. Well, it worked! We finally left with the new BluRay/DVD 'sold separately' player + the 2 movies! Hah! I was gracious and polite to the security guy and we all did the muchismas gracias - a su servicio blah blah and we were out of there.

I actually watched one of those movies with Mimi after we got the whole thing set up. It was pretty good, 10,000 BC or something like that. The other one is Men in Black.

The TV is cool, the sound and video are great. Someday soon we will get it mounted on the wall and get the receiver for the satellite service.

Right now though, I'm watching a telenovela that comes in over the air without even an antenna. Trust me, here is all you need to know about it: a conniving woman has taken to her bed, the priest is sitting next to it telling her to do the right thing, she recovers as soon as he leaves the room, gets on the phone and plots a very nasty revenge - then it cuts to the doomed lovers. That's telenovela 101.


Blogger Sue said...

That practice of opening boxes drives me nuts too, especially on the small items like toasters and blenders. Now I'm stuck with a box that is open and the contents can easily spill out as we stash everything in the taxi, then the ferry, then the golf cart. But there was one time I wish they had opened the darn box - we bought a cheap tv at Walmart, and getting back to Isla, discovered the remote was missing. And to this day we do not have a remote that is worth anything other than going down one channel at a time.

Oh - I don't know what BlueRay is all about either (same as you, one day I will look it up and decide if it is something I can't live without).

Enjoy the tv!

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Mexico Cooks! said...

I see that Tita is a Costco employee. She's doing the at-home interior check, right?

xoxo to you both from us both

11:25 AM  
Blogger Jonna said...

That's it Sue, if you don't open the box first you will regret it sometime. This CostCo was amazing, box cutters and tape to re-close it afterward. I really have no reason to complain about it, I think I just like opening my own new toys at home.

Tita loves boxes and drawers and anything she can climb into, she was very interested in the whole putting the TV together thing. Lots of cabinets and boxes and sheets of foam wrap to explore.

Hugs to you both as well, hope to see you here.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Waywestsg said...

Jonna - You cracked me up! I had a good laugh this morning...I had a visual of you (and I don't even know you) going through this! Great job girl, you won the 2 DVDs. By the way, Blu Ray is for HD (high def) recording and re-writing. The discs can store more that regular DVD. Looks like you got a great TV. HD is really fun.
See ya Sherry

1:46 PM  
Blogger Bennie said...

This is a great story. I don't live in Mexico but I can only imagine how difficult it could be at times.

5:36 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Aw, you shoudda called us! We TOTALLY would have babysat the critters. :)

How do I get a TV with kitteh?

6:26 PM  

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