Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another day of packing and unpacking and watching guys work on the house. Also, another day when we can't get the jeep out of the garage for a couple hours because someone parked in front of it. I walked up and down the block, stopping in the ultrasound office and the lawyer's office but no one knew whose car it was. They were all very sympathetic though, several came out and stood around with me and recommended that I call a tow truck. I'm not ready to do that yet, although another few days like this and I might.

Tonight I made soup for the first time in my new kitchen, chicken and mushroom. It was delicious! The making was the most fun, all that space for prep and never having to move one thing to get to another... piece of heaven. I bought the chicken and the mushrooms at CostCo when I made another nicorette run. I also got some Ben & Jerry's ice cream, the first time I've had that in over a year. Cherry Garcia and Cookie Dough in a 2 pack for only $99 pesos! I could never buy that stuff before because we didn't have room in the freezer of the RV or it would have melted by the time I got it home from Cancun to Akumal. These are small bits of bliss for me.

Around 9pm we drove the 6 blocks to the plaza grande and went to a concert by Los Juglares and Jesus Armando. This is typical Yucatecan Trova, a genre that has different interpretations all around the Caribbean. The main instruments are the guitar and the requinto guitar. These were 3 wired acoustic guitars and an electric bass along with 3 percussionists. The guitar playing was impeccable, I kept trying to decide how to describe it. Flamenco in the Caribbean with a touch of Eric Clapton is the best I came up with. Incredible harmonies among the 5 singers as well.

Here's a clip of Los Juglares visitng the local newspaper, the singing starts around 3:35 for those that don't understand Spanish or want the chit chat. It was the best example I could find. Here is a clip of Jesus Armando singing with one guitar here. These will give you an idea of Yucatecan Trova anyway.

Tomorrow we are taking swimming pool 101 on how to work the pumps and filters for the pool. One of these days we have to finish cleaning out Tortuga and move her out to Chelem. We haven't been able to do that so far because of workers at the house or people parked in front of the garage. We're planning to go to Akumal on Saturday and we need to get this done first.


Blogger Fned said...

Oh Jonna and Mimi, the house looks GORGEOUS!!! I was so excited you posted pics in your previous posts and the place looks absolutely stunning!!! Your kitchen looks like the only place on EARTH that would actually make me wish I knew how to cook!, lol

I'm also loving the posts about adapting to your new home. Finding the right spot for each piece of furniture, deciding where each thing will go or be stored, exploring your neighborhood and even coming to terms with the little quirks that you discover of living in a new place!

Your posts remind me of when Hubby and I moved from our little 1 room studio to our two bedroom apartment... we suddenly felt like we had SO MUCH MORE room and it was so fun and exciting getting everything set up!

Can't wait for more pics and more descriptions of your new life in Mérida!


6:16 AM  
Blogger Islagringo said...

Is it the same car or a different one each time in front of the garage? You should make up some little cards to put under the windshield. "I forgive you today but will not tomorrow if you park here again. This is my home and my entrance to it. Please find another spot for your vehicle from now on. Do not make me do it for you." They should get the message. You could also paint the curb red.

8:14 PM  

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