Monday, August 18, 2008

Last week Stormcatcher came and did the first part of the installation of storm curtains at our condo. These amazing things stop 97% of the wind and rain in a hurricane. They installed the main one across the front of our deck, it goes up fairly easily and once up we can walk outside and still see through it. Supposedly, we could stay and watch a cat 5 hurricane come ashore. I don't think so.

They are coming back on Tuesday to install the ones on the other windows, that will require a 3 story ladder and we plan to leave those up through the hurricane season. So, it is especially cool that we can see through them and open a window behind them as well.

This is looking out through it from inside. Pretty cool!

When not in use, the eye bolts that they are attached to, unscrew and come out. We have small white plastic caps that cover the hole. They aren't very noticeable and the ones on the side walls and ceiling of the overhang will get painted over next month when the building gets painted.

I was most excited when I thought to ask them to put one in where we put our sat dish and now we don't need the bucket of sand to weight it down. We can just attach it to the eye bolt in the floor.

I'm going to feel a lot more comfortable about hurricanes after this. We can crack a couple of bathroom windows behind the curtains to let the pressure equalize inside and the most we should have to deal with is some rain water in the bathroom.

Other than that, we've been moving a little slow. I had some problems with my feet swelling a lot, so much that it hurt to walk and to sit. They were worse in the mornings and it really was uncomfortable. I decided to stop taking a bunch of the vitamins and minerals I take as it seemed I had my electrolytes out of whack. It took 2 days and they are normal size again. I had been taking magnesium for leg cramps and eating a lot of potassium loaded fruits - which I also stopped. I'm going to see how it goes for awhile and then add a few things back one at a time.

It's been hot, the last couple of days I went out swimming, snorkeling and just floating in the water. I had to go out a ways for the water to get cool enough to be refreshing. We've also left the AC on in the bedroom the last 2 days and we take breaks in there, we call it Alaska. Mainly, I think the problem is the lack of much wind. The water is incredibly flat and clear and there is very little breeze in the afternoons. When the onshore breeze dies, the temps soar. The locals call it hurricane weather! Great, I grow up learning about earthquake weather and now we have hurricane weather. Oddly, they are very similar. Hot and still and kind of a flat, dead air feel.

Wednesday we head back to Merida for 10 days or so. I'm anxious to see the house.

I found this pic of sandwichon on the internet for you folks who are deprived of this delicacy. I thought it was a Mexico-wide thing but from the comments it seems not to appear in other parts of the country. It's found uncovered on the counter in the bakery area generally, sold by the slice or you can order a custom one for a party.

In case you missed it, it's kept ON the counter of the bakery... like the un-refrigerated top of the counter! Usually the store is air conditioned but come on, this is a mayonnaise frosted sandwich with fish or chopped hot dogs in it - and it is room temperature? in the tropics? I will never get used to that.


Anonymous MD in Texas said...

Those hurricane shutters/curtains look very interesting. I googled Stormcatchers but really didn't find anything. Is there a brand name I could search! I've never seen anything like them!

8:32 AM  
Blogger harvestmoon said...

Fabric looks amazing! I guess we got all the wind because other than yesterday, it has been constantly windy here All Freaking Summer Long. We were south of Akumal yesterday (Bead Beach) and it was WICKED windy there (maybe due to Fay?).

I'm so spoiled that we don't even snorkel (due to cloudiness, cause we know how clear it is when still) when it is windy. Such babies we are, all used to clarity and all. Maybe we'll have to come south this summer.

If you see a lot in Centro, let us know. We've haven't heard anything from whatshisname (Nelio?) and are thinking we can now only afford land...

9:38 AM  
Blogger lazybeacher said...

Jonna, Are all the condo's getting the new hurricane screen's? We have a screen on a patio door that blocks the sun and heat, you can see out, but not in, and the material is a heavy plastic screen. Ours roles up and down. We love it. I can see why this would be a good thing to have for hurrican protection. Can not imagine the damage you could suffer if you did not have some sort of protection on those windows. Smart addition in my opinion.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Michele in Playa said...

That screen is really good looking Jonna. I have heard it works quite well. Here's hoping we don't test it anytime soon.

11:11 AM  
Blogger CancunCanuck said...

Now that is a cool screen, not what I was expecting when you talked about getting hurricane protection.

Now, here's hoping it was the biggest waste of money ever in terms of never being put to use. :)

11:16 AM  
Blogger Jonna said...

Thanks MD for reminding me that I forgot to put the link in to Stormcatcher. I've gone back and done that. For those of you in the Playa/Cancun area, I've been very happy with Alfonso Pesqueira who is the owner of their franchise here. His number is 984-859-2222.

We are the only ones in our building so far who are having them installed. I will certainly give the owners a tour and update when the annual meeting happens in November. I'm not sure these would be what you'd want on the first floor though. We are so close to the water that the storm surge pushes large rocks, coral heads and a lot of sand through their units. Up here on top, we mainly have to deal with wind and rain. Alfonso carries other types and he would know what to recommend.

I heartily agree with you all that I hope this is just something to make us feel better and we NEVER have to use it! Chances are though...

Harvest, it hasn't been windy here but in the last week the usual onshore breeze has been dying around 3pm and then it gets really hot. The water has been flat and clear though. No agua mala either. I think we are protected by the point of our bay along with Cozumel, I can see the breakers hitting the point south of us. I feel like Fay has sucked all the wind towards her and left us calm and in the lee. Today though, thunder and rain clouds are on the horizon. Mimi wouldn't let me go swimming because we could hear the thunder in the distance.

1:58 PM  
Blogger jennifer said...

Aha! I have seen such a sandwich around here, except its always made with tuna and called pastel de atun. It's always orange and looks just like pimiento cheese, and it's just so not anything like pimiento cheese. It's frequently packed as lunch by families and taken to the beach. And it sits there all day, under the umbrella, no refrigeration. The kids come in for ocean breaks and graze on it and soda poured from 3 liter bottles.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

That sandwich looks disgusting. I thought at first that it was a weird cake with pimento olives. Too much like food poisoning waiting to happen.
The hurricane curtains look really good and it is great that they do not block your view. I have to say that I hope you never have to find out how effective they are though.

8:46 PM  
Blogger islagringo said...

Less people get the wrong impression, that is not a cake! It is giant gooey sandwich made from layers of plain, white, tasteless Bimbo bread! (don't you just love saying Bimbo!!)

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Sandye in Kansas said...

Those Stormcatcher screens look really neat. I hope they work as well as they are supposed to. That's so much better than having to nail up huge pieces of plywood every time a hurricane is expected.
I have no further comment about the sandwichon. Hee Hee.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Oh my! Sandwichon. Can you believe that I have had that?!

But it certainly was not by choice! My dear sister-in-law (who lives in the Yucatan, so maybe it IS a regional delicacy) made one for a family party once. Everyone made such a huge deal about it that I HAD to have some.

That sandwichon lasted for days *on the counter* and was offered to me EVERY meal. Oh, the trauma. However I am still alive to tell about it. I truly do not know how food that is left out there stays good, it has been a constant source of amazement for me!!

However I must add that this sandwichon was super special, since my sister-in-law had a very creative twist. She decided to make each layer as colorful as possible, so in addition to pea puree layer, there layers of strawberry jelly, pineapple, bright orange artificial cheese, there may have even red peppers and spinach mixed with cream cheese... I honestly lost track and excavating the layers became too frightening.

My mouth did not know what to do with all of those flavors at one time... Sorry cuñada!

1:16 PM  
Blogger Pedro said...

Sandwichon: worst...sandwich...ever

It's fairly common to leave food out over night in Yucatan. Somehow they think stuff won't go bad. The worst example I've seen were devil eggs left out overnight after Christmas. They were available for breakfast the next day. Yum!

4:42 PM  

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