Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas eve went ballistic around midnight, fireworks and rockets and M80's went off most of the night. I didn't get to try the rum and hot milk on Hombre because Mimi got to him first with a valium. After that, he was pretty stoned but he still wouldn't go outside. We finally had to put him on a leash and make him go for his nightly potty trip to the tree. He was all business, no sniffing and reading p-mail, just hike the leg and hop back to the door.

Christmas day, on the other hand, it was like a ghost town. We were heading over to Theresa's house in the afternoon, but another new friend stopped by and then we were late to Theresa's, although that turned out all right as we got to just sit and talk to her and Husband. There is one Mexican cultural trait that I have no problem adjusting to, being late for social events. It's the first time in my life that people don't tell me different times than they tell everyone else. I guess, in this case, perhaps she should have.

Anyway, there were no cars on the streets! Amazing! I've never seen Merida streets so empty. No one on the sidewalks, no one driving, nobody around at all!

For the next several days Mimi and I were in our recluse mode, we slept late, stayed up late, and didn't do much more that peer over the wall at the kids trying out their new toys in the Liverpool parking lot.

Then, this morning, we woke up to the sound of pounding and discovered 3 huge tents going up right in front of our idyllic spot.

This is not a good sign, three days before New Years Eve. I asked and it turns out that the owner of this place is having a party for his family on New Years Day, he even invited us. We still thought it would be smart to move back in the park, we were about 10' from the tents and this is Mexico, there will be music and it will be loud.

How hard could it be? We only moved about 100 yards, no need to change the settings on the satellites. We'll just set them up and dial them in and we'll have TV and internet right away. Heh! We had TV right away. Which was good since that New England vs New York game was sooo good. My god! Brody is awesome!

Anyway, no internet. The Hughes gods would not let us pass the final test to get online. We tried all the tricks we've picked up over the years and no. Mimi finally took the whole setup apart since maybe something got geeked while she was driving it over in the truck. She checked all the cables, she cleaned all the connections. I tried all the different transponders over and over. Finally, about 10pm, I went through all the different transponders again and it worked on one of them. We rebooted the modem and we were online. We had planned to move back to our regular spot after the party but now we think we'll stay right here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amiga - I thought you had to input an assigned transponder? I didn't know you could select one of your choice depending on reception - is that this case?

I don't move my system much - I have two dishes - one setup at each casa and I have a third for New Mexico in the Spring - so I just move the modem - but I am curious.

The banana bread looks good!

Juan Calypso

8:27 AM  
Blogger Theresa said...

It was great fun having you guys over. New Years Day is also another day that Merida does a ghost town impression. It's the time to haul out the camera and get those architectual shots minus people.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Jonna said...

Juan, you can use any transponder to pass cross poll. It's something I learned when we were in a similar situation a couple years ago. Stuff like last night, you begin to realize that it is not you, it is Hughes that is the problem. I think the cross poll servers get geeked or freeze or whatever. So, you can pick one of the other transponders that are in the drop down list and do cross poll on it. Once you restart your modem, and it won't work until you do, the modem will revert to your assigned transponder but with the switch set that you have passed cross poll and you will be online. The modem still does random cross poll tests from what I understand but they must use a different server or something.

Theresa, good to know. We may want to go driving on NYD if the party here gets too loud and I've been wanting to take a picture of one of the arches downtown.

1:12 PM  

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