Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things have been a little glum around here the last few days. Cuba stopped eating on Thursday, she would not even look at food. She was drinking water and eating grass whenever we let her. She ate nothing on Thursday, same on Friday and by late afternoon I was really worried. I took her back to the vet and he kept her. I was almost in tears, we've gotten really attached to her and I felt I might not see her again. He said she had a temperature and if I understood him right it could either be some kind of gastritis or parasites. I called today and he said he wanted to keep her until Monday. Part of it is that the antibiotics that she was on orally could be what has caused her stomach problems so he is giving her IV antibiotics. He said she ate a small amount today.

To add to the fear, Hombre wouldn't eat anything yesterday. We were worrying that they got into some kind of poison, we don't think so but we don't know. Hombre is in a lot better health than Cuba and he ate normally today so I'm not as worried about him now. She was so malnourished and thin, I felt she couldn't go very long without eating. We fought the urge yesterday to pick Cuba up and make a run for our vet in Playa, we trust him so completely and we don't really know this vet very well. He seems very capable, very nice, he treats Cuba well and with a lot of caring. Still, there is a bit of a language problem and we just don't know him. I just hope we made the right decision to wait and let him treat her.

Other than worrying about the dogs, we've gotten small things done this past week. We now have 4 cell phones total, 2 from the US, 1 from Akumal and 1 from Merida. Sheez! and none of them are an iPhone. We picked up the Merida cell after an hour wait in line at the Telcel office, we probably should have just gotten one from one of the kiosks that are everywhere like we did the Akumal phone. Then, the chip didn't work and we had to go back the next day. The lines are long there but as we were standing in line the 2nd day, the guy who had waited on us the day before saw us and came out to see what was wrong. That was really nice, it didn't make all the people ahead of us in line happy but it made my day. Turns out it was a defective chip and we got a new one. All of these phones are so that people can call us as a local call, we can call anywhere in Mexico using our Verizon phones but to call us back would be an international call from here. We got the pay-as-you-go phones, they sell the minutes cards everywhere and we can add time as we need it.

We got our pictures taken for our visas, really bad black and white front and profile, they look like booking pictures. We were supposed to go and get the visas on Friday but on Thursday we got a call that our appt was moved to Tuesday, the Director went on vacation without signing our visas first. He must not know how important we are!

We got our deed and trust copied along with our passports and dropped them off to go in for the building permits for the house. We spent several hours again with the architect and we've got preliminary plans - enough for the permit application - and have decided to go with everything except the roof terrace, that can come later.

Tonight we went downtown to the centro to see the Merida ballet students put on a show of Irish dance along with some Mexican folkloric. All of it is similar in some ways, the really fast footwork and use of taps or clogs on wood floors to add to the rhythm. It was a nice show, the Irish dancing was really very good and the folkloric excellent. Afterwards we treated ourselves to a really nice dinner and walked through the closed streets watching the Saturday night bands and dancing. That's one of the things I love about this city, there is so much music and art. Every week they close the streets in the centro on Saturday night and Sunday and restaurants put their tables out in the street and bands set up and play. Strolling in the warm evenings and listening to music is a great joy. They also do this during the week at various parks in the neighborhoods, there's a schedule and we plan to catch all of them eventually.

There's an article on people from the US moving to Merida and renovating houses in the Sat. LA Times Business section. Here's the link.


Anonymous ilene said...

At breakfast this morning we read that article and thought about you two. Merida sounds wonderful. Ajijic also sounds nice. Warm evenings and music in the streets would remind me of what New Orleans was like 40 years ago.

We're hoping and praying for a full recovery for Cuba. Much love to you both.
Ilene & John

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's ironic...I just logged on to tell you guys about the Times article. You two are way ahead of the times.

Prayers from us for the dogs. We know how important they are as family members.

Anne and K.C. Johnson

6:49 PM  

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