Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today we went downtown, parked and walked around for awhile. We were sort of looking for dishes, someone had given me a couple of stores to check but we never found either of them.

This tiny house caught my eye. One room wide but with so much charm.

While walking by the main square, they were setting up lots of chairs and a huge sound system for a concert. I asked a cop and he said that Alejandra Guzmán was singing tonight. I had to do a Wiki search on her but she is a Latin Grammy winner and is quite popular. The stage was set up almost in the foyer of the cathedral and the rows of seats filled 2 streets in front of it. There were lines of young people snaking around the plaza in two directions. From the volume of the sound check while we were there, we weren't tempted to return tonight.

What I am tempted to return for though is a concert by Vicente Fernandez on Feb 24th. He is the ultimate mariachi singer, the King himself. I love his singing and have many of his CDs. He is playing at the Plaza de Toros, the bull ring here in Mérida. We've been discussing driving over and staying in a hotel for the concert. It could be sort of a birthday celebration for me. We're going to stop by the bull ring and ask about tickets and seating before we leave.

I took this pic of a tower from the govt building on the main plaza. The buildings here are gorgeous and the details and stonework are incredible. Can you see why the place attracts me?

We had read a review of a taco place that had vague directions but sounded like a great place. The other night we spent about an hour looking for it. The directions went something like this.

From the glorieta with a Burger King go right. Hey! We found the glorieta with the Burger King. A glorieta is a traffic circle and so where do you go right? in fact they said nothing about where they even entered the glorieta. OK, that's only 4 directions it could be, so we tried all 4.

The next part was you will pass a rocket and you are almost there. Nope, we saw no rocket.

At the next large glorieta, Tacos Arabe is at 10pm on the circle, it kind of looks like the Flatiron building in New York. Well, being as we didn't even know which of the 4 roads was right, we didn't go very far on any of them and we never found another glorieta with a taco stand anywhere on it.

So today, while it was daylight, we decided to give it another try. It had become like a treasure hunt, we wanted to find it. We went a lot further on one of the roads and then it split without hitting a glorieta so we turned around and came back. As we were sitting at the traffic light, suddenly I realized that what I was staring at was a rocket! Woot! We turned around and went straight at the split and there was another glorieta. As I was driving around it in circles trying to decide where 10pm would be, Mimi spotted the place about a half block OFF the glorieta. From my memory it doesn't look anything like the Flatiron building in NY but it was the same shape.

We were so stoked! Lots of high fives and whoops as we felt we had won the treasure hunt. Problem was, the place was closed! Too early. We came home and had cheese sandwiches and we're hoping to get hungry enough to go back late tonight. I sure hope it is worth it.

This last pic is a detail from the top of a bank building, the nets are to keep the pigeons off - but you knew that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alejandra Guzman is indeed one of the biggest Latin pop stars. Makes a few headlines for being a little wild/crazy offstage also. Sent you an email about a week ago (beach house in Peru on a bay called Tortugas) Wondering if you received it.

Dave, Carmen, and Flojita

5:56 PM  
Blogger Mary & Elaine said...

Hey Jonna & Mimi,
Now that we are parked near a guy with internet access we could look at your blog. As usual, we loved it and all your comments just make us miss you more! It also makes us wish we were down there instead of here! (Lake Havasu City). Sure hope you are recovered from the dental work now and enjoying Merida to the max. Remember, we stayed in the parking lot of that Liverpool store when our group was coming back from Panama, so we know right where you are, since you stayed in that park that time too. Good memories of traveling with you both (except for the sprained ankle you got.)
Big Hugs from us. Mary & Elaine

12:12 PM  
Blogger Jonna said...

Hi you two,

I will try to get an email off soon. I've been following your blog too. You never stick around the US when we are there. We'll have to meet in Mexico. Maybe though, we can get up to the northwest this summer while you're up there. Hope so.

1:13 PM  

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