Thursday, March 23, 2006

With all the wind we've been having, I guess it isn't surprising that we spotted this waterspout just offshore the other day. One did come ashore here a few years ago and did some damage. Luckily, this one eventually just faded away.

We've been mainly just hanging out and getting a few things done. I've got the fabric I bought in Guatemala along with some I picked out here being made into curtains for all the rooms of the condo, some material I got in Chiapas being made into a bedspread and a lot of things I got in both places are at the frame shop. Hopefully all this will be done for the one day (April 1st, not a good sign) that we can get into the condo and put them up. We have a couple days right now that it is empty but all we've done is go up for showers.

Mimi spent last weekend volunteering at a free vet clinic put on in a local town nearby. It was rewarding work and they treated over 150 dogs and a few cats. All the vets are Mexican and it is supported by the municipal government, that's a change from the usual gringo volunteer clinics and shows a lot more support and involvement by locals. Always a good thing. She didn't have the camera but I'm hoping to get some pictures from other volunteers.

I finally had 'the talk' with the condo management. We've agreed on some changes and I'm hoping to have the rentals handled elsewhere. I've got to go and talk to the local guy I want to do it to see if he will. That's next, mainly I'm just glad the big conversation is over.


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