Thursday, March 09, 2006

We are getting so used to the ride across the bottom of the Yucatan peninsula, from Palenque to Chetumal, that we're starting to feel the same way about it we used to feel about I-5 from SF to LA.

We did the meat-in-the-cooler thing again for the Tabasco/Campeche border. They haven't looked the last couple times but this time they did. Whew! Really hate to smuggle those steaks across 2 national borders and lose them to a state border.

Bobby and Patti were heading for Lake Bacalar for the night, we wanted to see Kathe and Colleen so we were going in to Chetumal. We stopped to call them as we came into town and I noticed a lot of water running out from under our step. At first we couldn't find where it was coming from, the pipes under the sink were dry. Finally we pulled all the pots and pans out from the very bottom and found it. My beloved pressure cooker, which has a sharp lip to connect to the lid, has spent the last 5 years and 79k miles with the lip rubbing against the brass fitting that leads to the outside shower. Somewhere in the last 30 miles, it had worn through and water was spraying into all the pots down there. We'd only lost less than a third of a tank of water so it hadn't been long.

This was a big problem as we couldn't turn the water pump back on until we figured out how to fix or bypass the cut. Deciding we wanted electricity as we had to blow dry the whole area, we went to the RV park in Calderitas. Kathe showed up a little later and we did get to chat, Colleen was sick. Mimi took it apart and we figured out that the part was probably something we'd never find in Mexico. We weren't too happy at the idea of going all the way back to the US without water but that was certainly a possibility.

We took off for the mall (don't ya love it, when in doubt go to the mall!) and rooted arond in the hardware section of the huge superstore there. Mimi found some kind of silicon liquid weld, you squirt stuff from the 2 tubes on a plate, mix them together and then quickly apply them. She got the area dry, not easy as we had to drain the rest of the water out of the pipes. Applied some to the cut, put a piece of plastic bag over that and pressed it in and then put more of the stuff on top. She added another layer a little later. We left all the fans we had on to dry the wood and went to bed. The next morning, with fingers crossed, we turned on the water pump... no leaks! Whooo weeeee! We have water again!

Here's a picture of it fixed, during all the trauma I forgot to take pictures of it leaking. The pot rubbed a slice about a 1/4 inch deep across the brass 90° angle fitting.

We headed up the coast and ran into Bobby and Patti again in Tulum. We pulled into Akumal, unhooked the jeep and drove down to tell them to pull back the brush they use to disguise our parking place.

There's no good way for me to say this, they have done it again and rented our condo when we were very specific not to rent it. This is the second time they've done this. Here we are with Bobby and Patti intending to spend a week in the condo before leaving and Mimi and I intending to stay until the end of the month. We have pictures to hang, curtains to have made and installed and a million other things we had intended to do. Now they tell us we can only get in it for a few days 2 times this month. We are not happy. We are deciding what we want to do about it.

Bobby and Patti left after the weekend and headed north. We are staying in our RV on the lot next door trying to get things done without being able to get in. It's really a drag.

While I love the Caribbean, if I wanted to be parked on a beach in my RV there are better beaches. Personally, I prefer the Pacific with sand not rocks and waves to play in. On top of it all, the wind started blowing as we were driving up the coast and blew at about 30 mph for 3 days. We mainly stayed inside the RV, going through bins and reorganizing stuff. It was good to get that done as we need to find room for the stuff we are bringing north.

This is a picture out our salt encrusted window at the palm tree blowing in these fierce winds.


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